New Year Resolutions

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Did you create a New Year resolution? Find out what you need to do for success and why resolutions aren’t the answer.

Kristina MartinezNew Year Resolutions
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What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching, in the sense of what our business is centered around, is different than just coaching for weight loss. Health coaching is based on a holistic approach taking you, as a whole person, into account.

popadminWhat is Health Coaching?
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What happens in the BOD POD?

Yes, we know it looks like something from outer space or a giant egg, but really the BOD POD is much cooler than that. The BOD POD measures your body composition and metabolic rate through air displacement plethysmography.

popadminWhat happens in the BOD POD?
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The Truth About Low Carb Diets

First of all, low carb can mean so many different things. There are various dieting styles that incorporate ‘low carbs’ from the Atkins diet to the Ketogenic Diet to the South Beach Diet and so on.

popadminThe Truth About Low Carb Diets
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