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Ivan and Kristina Martinez are passionate about health, wellness and helping others reach their goals. They have been involved in fitness most of their lives starting with athletics as children to becoming personal trainers while in college to management in the fitness industry. Dedicated to helping others they each earned degrees in healthcare. While regularly treating patients the need for proper nutrition and exercise education became evident and they wanted to do more. Together they made the commitment to become healthier, setting more advanced goals for themselves along the way. They also started studying nutrition and the evidence-based research behind it. With the application of exercise and nutrition in their own lives they became strong advocates for educating others on living healthier and happier.

Masters in Occupational Therapy, Health Coach & National-Level NPC Bikini Athlete

Kristina has both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in occupational therapy. She has been practicing for more than ten years, specializing in neurorehabilitation and research. As a gymnast and cheerleader growing up she learned the importance of physical activity and the discipline needed to be successful. After years of struggling with yo-yo dieting, Kristina decided enough was enough. She began exercising more consistently and eventually set a goal to compete within the national physique committee. In the years of preparing to compete Kristina began researching more information about exercise and nutrition. After successfully adopting a healthier lifestyle and learning the nuts and bolts behind the necessary lifestyle changes, Kristina wants to help others to do the same. She wants to teach others the strategies and techniques needed to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and learn to be successful in their health and wellness decisions.

Registered Nurse, Health Coach and Former Combat Medic

Ivan received his degree as a registered nurse after serving in the Army as a combat medic. While he was active growing up, he didn’t participate in the ‘typical’ sports. He played rugby in college and surfed professionally in Puerto Rico. He learned the benefits of physical activity at a young age. He later became a personal trainer in college and went on to become a manager of a well-known fitness club. He began competing in the sport of bodybuilding and began to learn the importance behind the combination of exercise and nutrition. Ivan’s passions for helping others and the health and fitness lifestyle have merged with his work as a health coach. He now focuses on helping others reach their health and fitness goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

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